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Copy of Forte Course Guide - Accredited


AGE GROUP:5 years - 7 year old beginners

COURSE DURATION: 2 years 4 books (every 6 months per book)

CLASS LESSON: 45 min/week

CLASS SIZE: <5 students/class

ONE PARENT/CARER: Attends class as learning partner

INSTRUMENT: Piano or keyboard is required for home practice

In Junior Keys Course your child will learn how to play the keyboard and at the same time will develop a rich base of important musical skills like:

  • reading notes,

  • developing listening skills

  • theory

  • harmony (chord playing)

  • composition

  • ensemble (playing with others)

  • writing skills


Music is a written language theory & reading activities are done from the very first lesson in an age-appropriate fun way.


Parents say that our Junior Keys program is fantastic for improving confidence as children have the chance to do lots of performing in both class concerts & on the big stage at the Annual Forte Festival.

Weekly 45 min lessons - payable per course per level, with 2 installments (paid every 3 months)
Juior Keys Level 1 Course Materials:

includes Music book, Theory Book & Practice Buddy App $49.95
Registration Fee: $80



New Junior Key Course Starts:

in Term 4

unleash the musical talent inside

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