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What is Practice Buddy?

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Practice Buddy is your in-home access to all the music we play in class to play along with at home. When playing with a backing track we are immersed in music and can simultaneously hear the entire sound of a piece and all of its parts.  Learning is accelerated and it's a lot of fun too!

Practising with Practice Buddy will help your Child:

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Learn Quicker

We learn small sections more quickly than we learn a whole piece and the Practice Buddy backing tracks provide a way for students to experience the whole piece whilst only being required to play small sections building confidence and competence.

Learn more skills

Playing in time is the foundation to learning any musical instrument. Playing with others in a band, orchestra or ensemble is cruial for long-term musial enjoyment. Critical listening skills are needed to do both of these and learning and practising along with Practice Buddy fast tracks these and other skills.

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Remeber more easily

When we practice with the music from class it transports us back to the memory of our lesson and what we learned. As the music plays our memories are triggered. In Practice Buddy, students can see an instructor's hands (visual) as they play the piece. Students can play the piece along with the instructor so it's like having the teacher at home. This is really great for parents if you are feeling stressed because you don't know how to help them.


New Junior Key Course Starts:

in February

unleash the musical talent inside

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