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Copy of Forte Course Guide - Accredited

is FUN

AGE GROUP: 4 years - 5 year olds




CLASS LESSON: 45 min/week

CLASS SIZE: <5 students/class

ONE PARENT/CARER: Attends class as learning partner


Course Book & Practice Buddy 

Music is fun is an introductory piano course where students are introduced to playing piano through age-appropriate activities. Basic music skills such as beat, rhythm, hearing and singing, as well as concerts of loud - soft, fast - slow, high-low are experienced.


Research shows that we all learn better with others. Throughout the course your child's confidence and resilience will group through regular short opportunities to play or sing solo in front of others. Our nurturing class environment is the perfect place for your child to develop the skills needed to be successful at school including teamwork, listening, social interaction.


Students learn how to find and play do-so on the piano, along with the basics of music notation & core music foundations including:

  • high/low,

  • loud/soft,

  • short/long.

  • getting faster/slower



New Junior Key Course Starts:

in Term 4

unleash the musical talent inside

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